About Domozo

Domozo is a brand new service. We make selling your home simple and affordable. We focus on technology and analytics to empower you, the seller, providing process guidance and specialist personal advice where needed. You pay only for what you need, saving thousands.

We know that you want to sell your house for the best possible price, quickly and with as little stress as possible - without spending thousands to do it. Domozo is always on your side - the owner of the property.

That is why we founded Domozo. We have redesigned the property selling process around you, the seller: with 24/7 phone support from our highly experienced team and an easy to use website, allowing you track your property sale and receive instant notifications.

Whilst we have invested a lot in technology, we haven't replaced everything with a computer. We have highly experienced sales managers and specialists, such as photographers and appraisers, who are there to help at every stage of the sales process, from appointment to completion.

However, we have eliminated the need for expensive offices and automated many administrative processes. It means that you pay a fraction for the services you need to help you successfully sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.